NHTSA Field Sobriety Training - Refresher
Class Date(s) Monday, Jul 22 2019 8:00AM-12:00PM  
Class# 19LE78012  

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Description: The NHTSA Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Refresher training is tailored to the already-certified SFST officer. The program will sharpen the officer's skills and rejuvenate their interest in impaired driving enforcement. The program consists of a four hour block of classroom instruction led by a NHTSA/IACP-certified Drug Recognition Expert from Chester County. The program includes a case law update and a review of the nationally-recognized Standardized Field Sobriety Tests including the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus ("HGN"), Walk & Turn, and One Leg Stand.

The program is intended for the purpose of SFST Refresher training only. Officers who have been SFST-certified and have not attended SFST Refresher training in the past two years (or longer) are encouraged to attend this training. This program is not a substitute for the basic DUI Detection/SFST Practitioner training. That certification is offered in October at the Training Center.

Training Audience: The NHTSA SFST Refresher training is tailored to the already-certified SFST officer.

Prerequisite(s): Basic DUI Detection/SFST Practitioner training.

Course Length: 4-hours

 Equipment Needs: Pen / pencil, note-taking material.

Pennsylvania Department of Health Continuing Education Hours: None

Course Contact:

 TO REGISTER: Email Lori Aguilera (laguilera@chesco.org).

Include the student's name, rank , email, and telephone number as well as the training(s) they would like to attend. Should you have any questions, contact Lori at 610-344-5557.

These trainings, the course, & materials are free of charge. Please note that you MUST have permission from your Chief or agency training coordinator prior to being accepted into this class. is no limit on the amount of officers per agency to register for this class.

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Class Location
Range Bldg. #209 / Classroom
Public Safety Training Campus , 137 Modena Road
Coatesville, PA   19320
(610) 344-4100