Real World Use of Force
Class Date(s) Monday, Nov 27 2023 8:00AM-4:00PM  
Class# 23LE8131  

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Description: Officers will receive de-briefs of real-world Use of Force as recorded by Body Cameras. The content is open-source material released by agencies around the country. Each event captured by BWC has been analyzed multiple times and in various speeds to capture the nuances that can be missed. Our subconscious brains are highly active during high stress encounters. These de-briefs show and explain "why" we do some of the things that we do during a crisis. Giving officers a fundamental knowledge of behavior not only helps them manage it, train it, and ultimately understand it, but allows them to focus outward on the threat rather than inward on themselves. This has shown an increase in decision making and effective performance. The core of the program is based on material learned from The Force Science Institute, Gavin de Becker and multiple verified sources.

The goal of the training is to better allow officers to:

-Understand their own behavior as well as a threat.

-Understand biomechanical functions and psychological functions beyond their control.

-How to better train their brain for effective performance under stress. 

Training Audience: Law Enforcement Officers

Prerequisite(s): None

Course Length: 8 hours

Equipment Needs: Note-taking material.

Course Contact: Kevin Bernard, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator, (610) 344 – 4619 or via email at

Price $75.00
  5 Seats Remaining
Class Location
Range Bldg. #209/210
Public Safety Training Campus , 137 Modena Road
Coatesville, PA   19320
(610) 344-4100